PSE added three new crossbows to their line this year—one of which may well be the best bargain of any xbow for 2015. PSE’s new Fang comes ready to go with a 4×32 scope, quiver, three bolts with field points, cocking rope, and rail lube for a measly $300. That’s MSRP, so you’ll probably find it for $270 or $280. There’s no way to test durability or long- or even mid-range accuracy at ATA, but judging by the test bow I shot, this is a tremendous value.

Specs: 14-1/4-inch powerstroke, 19-1/4 ATA, 35 inches overall, 6.8 pounds, 155-pound draw weight, 345 fps with 400-grain bolt

Hits: It’s plenty fast, not terribly heavy or unwieldy, and has anti-dry fire and an auto safety trigger. The one I shot had good, consistent accuracy at very short range, and the trigger, though not outstanding by any means, is pretty darn good for the price of the bow. In short, it seems to be a solid, safe hunting model.

Misses: The barrel and stock are all one piece of molded plastic. (That, and the fact that everything is imported, is what makes so affordable.) The scope is truly nothing special, but there’s no reason you couldn’t use it to kill a deer. At this price, you’re lucky to get one at all.

What Else You Should Know: PSE’s other new crossbows are also nicely priced. The compact Vector 310, which is made for smaller-framed shooters, has a 11-1/4-inch powerstroke, is 18-1/4 inches axle to axle, 32 inches overall, 6.3 pounds, shoots 310 fps with a 400-grain bolt, and will go for around $400. The Dream Season RDX 365—14-1/2 powerstroke, 20-inch ATA, 37 inches overall, 7.6 pounds, 365 fps—is around $600.