Scorpyd does not have a new crossbow for 2015. When I asked the folks at the booth why they don’t roll out a new model every year, their answer was—and I’m paraphrasing here: “It’s tough to improve on perfection.”

Well, I’m not sure I’d call their bows perfect, but hoo boy, they are good. There are four models in the Scorpyd lineup—the Orion, V-Tech, Ventilator, and Velocity—each of which has slightly different specs but all of which are built on the same, excellent, reverse-draw platform.

Hits: The Velocity is the fastest production crossbow in the industry at 425 fps with a 400-grain arrow, and yet it’s surprisingly smooth and quiet at the shot—more so than some 325-fps bows. And the trigger is excellent, for a crossbow. Their entire lineup has similar qualities: fast, smooth, and quiet with a fairly crisp trigger that breaks at about 3 pounds.

Misses: The reverse-draw design allows for a fairly short bow, but these are not as compact as some of other reverse-draw models out there. Nor as light.

What Else You Need to Know: If you haven’t heard of Scorpyd, it’s probably because their distribution has been limited to direct sales and a small number of dealers. But that’s about to change. What’s new with Scorpyd for 2015 is that they have partnered with one of the industry’s top sales reps, which means the odd of your finding a Scorpyd bow in your local shop just went way up.