Perennial front-runner Ten Point stays that way because they make a quality crossbow, and they pay attention to trends. Those traits are clearly evident in the Stealth FX4, their flagship model for this year. We saw a big shift towards a slimmer-profile crossbow at the ATA, and Ten Point delivered with the Stealth FX4.

Hits: The Stealth is a full 3-1/2 inches shorter and a half-pound lighter than last year’s flagship, the Turbo XLT—and yet the power stroke is one inch longer. As a result, the Stealth is also twenty-plus (depending on bolt) fps faster. Ten Point’s bows are always very well built, with lots of attention to fit and finish, and the Stealth is no exception.

Misses: I thought the trigger was a little stiff.

What else you need to know: If you’re sick of fishing in your pants pocket or pack for your rope cocker, Ten Point’s Accudraw 50 system retracts the rope cocker neatly into a housing on the stock. This is a totally slick innovation that non Ten-Point fans may not be aware of.