What a way to end a week. Hurteau and I, slammed both with magazine stuff and another book we’re co-authoring, have been a little stressed of late. But thanks to you all, we ended a hectic week on a great note. While we always get a bang from reading the entries to these caption contests, this was the best showing yet. So good, in fact, that just narrowing the captions down 10 finalists—not to mention picking a winner—was an exceedingly tough chore. Thankfully it was one we could laugh our way through.

Alas, we could choose only one winner, and that person will take home a great Oculus Pro-Team binocular, courtesy of the good folks at Bass Pro Shops.
First, here our 10 runners-up, in no particular order:

“Bring on the ladies!” —elkslayer

“Finally! I won’t be embarrassed to take my shirt off at the pool!” —Buckshottoo

The best punishment for repeatedly violating hunt club antler point restrictions… —wp

“It was either this, or update my glasses frames.” —jayers54

When John’s gym trainer said he needed to add “mass” to his chest. He took it to a whole new level. —MitchCritt

This is what happens when you get a prison tattoo in a Pike County Illinois jail. —ddove75

Jerry’s tradition of deer season shirtless came to a slow painful end on Saturday…. —Wyndell Campbell

Ned knew he’d only have one chance to impress Betty Lou at the high school reunion…. —greenbean

Howard didn’t need sports to be cool. —Robert Miller

“This is Buck. He guards my virginity.” —Blue Ox

And our winner is BHarlan, who came up with this gem:

Does wearing these shooting glasses here in the office make me look creepy? —BHarlan

Congrats to BHarlan! We’ll be contacting you soon to arrange the shipment of your new Oculus Pro Team binocular. And thanks to everyone who participated. We truly enjoyed it!