You just keep getting better and better. The coolest thing about a caption contest, of course, is that one of our readers wins an awesome prize. The second best thing is that Hurteau and I get to enjoy an hour or two of laughter as we sort through the killer entries. And I have to tell you that narrowing down a list of ten finalists—not to mention picking a winner—is getting tougher each time. Ah well, it’s a great problem to have.


Enough of my yammering. Someone needs food plot seed, and they need it fast. Thanks to our friends at Cabelas, that someone is going to enjoy a $250 shopping spree from Cabela’s impressive lineup. Frankly, I’m more than a little jealous.
So, here are ten finalists that came a clover seed-width from taking home the prize:

“my next lawn mower will have a better bagging system”
from asrenstrom

“…excuse me. Which way to “The Lion King” audition?”
from -Bob

“Rudolph was tired of signing autographs”
from Matthew Phillips

“Day 27: They still have no idea I’m a buck”
from VTHokie540

“How orthopedic deer beds are made”.
from _Castnblast _

“The things a guy’s gotta do to keep off a Hit List.”
from fitch270

“Field & Streams hardest ‘Score this buck’ contest yet!!”
from Pray- hunt-work

“Last day of No Shave November”
from Jmo

“Screw it! I haven”t slept a wink in three weeks. I’m moving the bed!”
from paul h

“I told you not to spin the tires when I’m pushing !!”
from daveyn

All great contenders, without question. But the winner of the food plot seed is Pray-hunt-work, who submitted this gem:

“We call him the tiller buck.”

Congrats to all our finalists, and many thanks to all who entered. Pray-hunt-work, we’ll be contacting
you soon so you can start your shopping spree!