What’s that? You say you don’t have a whitetail library? Well you need to remedy that situation, like, right now. And we’re giving you the perfect chance. All you have to do is score four whitetail racks, and if your estimate is the closest to the actual combined score, you’ll walk away with five great books any whitetail nut would love.

For starters, the winner will take home the The Total Deer Hunter Manual, penned by me and my compadre, Dave Hurteau. F&S is also tossing in its new anthology, The Best American Hunting Stories, which includes some great deer hunting tales. And since the racks you’ll be scoring all belong to the Boone & Crockett Club and were photographed while I was at my measurer’s training session last month, B&C is tossing in three books of its own: their newly published Complete Guide to Hunting Whitetails, as well as Records of North American Whitetails (the record book without the bother of non-whitetail species) and A Whitetail Retrospective (a totally cool book of whitetail hunting photos).

So by now you should know the drill on these scoring contests, but to recap: Over the next few weeks, we will post four pictures of whitetail racks. (There are no animals attached this time, as these are racks used to test measurers-in-training, like me last mont. This should make guessing their scores much tougher, but we know you’re up to the challenge.) You just need to estimate each one’s gross B&C score. After we’ve posted all four sets of antlers, you’ll submit your total score for the set. Remember, fractionals count, and please follow the B&C system, which measures to the nearest 1/8 inch.

Ready to start building a deer library? Here’s your first buck. What do you think it scores?