I know we said we’d post one buck per week for this scoring contest. But hey, the rut is ramping up, and you need to get your new bow. So we’re going to post the third and fourth bucks this week. Stay on your toes and keep checking in. You don’t want to miss your shot at winning Elite’s 2015 flagship bow, the Synergy.

Here’s the third buck in our contest. See the first buck here and the second buck here. To recap: I will post a total of four pictures of hunter-killed buck. You guess the gross antler score of each buck (fractionals count, and please round to the nearest 1/8 inch, like the B&C folks do) and keep track of your totals. When I post the photo of Buck Number Four, I’ll ask you to add up your grand total and submit it. If your guess is closest to the actual total score of the four bucks, you win the bow.

So here’s Buck Number Three, a mature Illinois 10-pointer. What’s his gross B&C score?