Well, we were hoping to get this bow out to a lucky winner while the rut is still popping, but it looks like we’ll need to wait another day or two—because we have tie that needs breaking.

First, let’s get to the scores. As you clearly noticed, while Bestul and I were traveling for hunts the same buck photo somehow got posted twice, but you were all smart enough to figure out what to do (count it twice), and the vast majority of you even did it without any of the snarky complaining so rampant online. Good on you! With that out of the way, the bucks’ actual gross scores are as follows:

Buck #1: 161-1/8

Buck #2: 173-3/8″

Buck #3: 173-3/8″ (same buck)

Buck #4: 133-7/8″

That gives us a grand total of: 641 6/8. No less than four of you guessed 641 and change, which is very impressive. BAM guessed 641-2/8, and abc91686 was just 3/8ths off with 641-3/8. But the closest guess, just 1/8th off at 641-5/8, came from both Billy Drappo and VAHunter55. That means we need a tiebreaker buck, and here it is.


Okay Billy and VA, what is this deer’s gross B&C score? We’d like to wrap this up as soon as possible so one of you can use this bow in the field, so please give us your guesses ASAP. If we don’t hear from you by end of day tomorrow, we will try to reach out to you. Meanwhile, the rest of you are free to take your best guess just for fun.