If you’ve been paying attention, I suspect you’ve noticed a growing contingent of accuracy-obsessed, tech-savvy bowhunters who are forever tweaking and fussing with their equipment. More and more guys are building their own arrows, setting up their own bows, and employing every tuning technique you’ve ever heard of, plus three you haven’t, plus a couple they just made up an hour ago. There’s paper tuning, bare-shaft paper tuning, French tuning, and walk-back tuning, of course; and then there’s group tuning, nock tuning, yolk tuning, and super tuning (which is a combination of several but on a shooting machine), and more.

All of which (or at least most of which) is fine and dandy. For the tinkerers and putterers among us, the tweaking and fussing has a purpose all its own. With super tuning, in particular, there is the debate over whether it makes sense to tune on a machine when it is you and not a machine who will do the shooting in the field. And there is the broader question of whether—at a certain point—such obsessing makes any real difference in field accuracy at normal ranges. But even if there’s little practical benefit, greater accuracy is a fine and fun pursuit.

In all of this, what I am most curious about is the following: To what degree does today’s tech-minded tinkerer reflect the bowhunting community in general? How many of you, for example, tune your own bow—and how far do you take it? Take our poll below.

Which of the following best describes your approach to bow tuning?

I buy an outfitted bow online or at a big-box store, sight it in, and I’m good to go.

I trust my bow-shop pro to do the tuning by himself. I pick the bow up, and if I have a problem, I bring it back.

I work with my bow-shop pro to get my bow tuned just right for my shooting style.

My bow-shop pro sets up my bow and does a basic tune, but I fine-tune it myself and am not afraid to make adjustments to the rest, nock height, timing, etc.

I’m one of the guys you’re talking about above. I set up my own bow and do all the tuning; I use a variety of methods to get it absolutely perfect.

I pay extra to have my bow serviced by a pro that specializes in super tuning.

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