New Bow, Prime Ion, Buck-Scoring Contest, Scott Bestul

It’s time to sharpen your pencils. Double-check your scores. Maybe take one more look at the first three bucks in the Prime Ion buck-scoring contest before you take a swing at Buck #4, the final entry. Remember, you’re playing for one of the top new bows for 2015, the Prime Ion, a prize worth just under $1,000.

If you’re late to the game and don’t know how this works, we have now posted field photos of four bucks, including the one below, each killed by a Prime pro-staffer. Your job is to estimate the gross B&C score of each buck to the nearest 1/8 inch, tally up your guesses for all four, and give us your grand total in the comment section below. If you want another look at any of the first three, click on the links below.

Buck #1

Buck #2

Buck #3

Whoever’s total gross-score estimate is closest to the actual grand total wins the bow. Only your first guess counts—unless there’s some obvious screw-up. We will announce the winner on Friday, June 12, so you must have your guess in by that morning. Okay, here’s your final buck. What is your grand total?

New Bow, Prime Ion, Buck-Scoring Contest, Scott Bestul