New Bow, Prime Ion, Buck-Scoring Contest, Scott Bestul

You’ve had a long Memorial Day Weekend to honor our veterans, spend time with the family, and finalize your guess on Buck No. 1 in our latest buck-scoring contest.
You should be more than ready for Buck No. 2. I’ll remind you that you are playing for the Prime Ion, one of the company’s flagship bows for the 2015 season; a bow that Hurteau, Brantley, and I have all shot and really like; and a prize worth nearly a cool grand.

To recap the rules: We will post a total of four field photos of bucks killed by Prime pro-staffers. Your job is to estimate the gross B&C score of each buck to the nearest 1/8 inch and keep track of your total. After we’ve posted the pic of Buck No. 4, you’ll have one week to submit a final score that tallies your estimates of all of the bucks. Remember, fractionals count, and if necessary, we’ll post a fifth buck as a tie-breaker.

Here’s Buck No. 2. What’s his gross B&C score?

New Bow, Prime Ion, Buck-Scoring Contest, Scott Bestul