Big Buck, Scoring Contest, Prime Ion Bow, Scott Bestul

Father’s Day is next weekend, and while any gift from the kids is great, a garish tie or odd-smelling aftershave probably won’t stack up to what the UPS guy will give you if you’ve won this contest—namely, a brand new Prime Ion bow, worth right around $1,000.

Like all the others, this scoring contest was dogfight, with three contestants submitting guesses within 2/8 inch (on the B&C system) of the actual combined gross score of the four bucks. Highly impressive work, gents! That said, this was no easy group of bucks to guesstimate. Their actual gross scores are as follows:

Buck #1: 156-3/8

Buck #2: 133-1/8

Buck #3: 125-0/8

Buck #4: 163-7/8

This adds up to a combined total of 578-3/8, which makes Turkish621—who guessed 578-2/8—the winner of the Prime Ion, one of the top flagship models of the 2015 season. Congrats Turkish621! The truth is, your new Ion probably won’t arrive in time to overshadow your other Father’s Day presents (assuming you’re a father, and one who actually gets presents), but we’re confident it’ll shoot lights-out for you, even if you’re wearing a funny tie. We’ll be contacting you soon so we can ship you your new Ion!