A month or so ago, I told you about Bowtech‘s newest flagship compound bow, the Prodigy, and its unique Powerdisc3—a gold-colored gear, or shifter, built into the Overdrive Binary cams that allows you to change the bow’s draw force curve, effectively turning one bow into three. It position 1 it’s a speed bow; in position 3 it’s a smooth bow; in position 2 it’s a happy medium. The same Powershift technology is available in company’s newest long-draw model, the Boss, which at 36 inches axle-to-axle is 4 inches longer than the Prodigy (with the same 7-inch brace height), for those who like a little more length, weight, and stability.

And you can take your pick of these two bows if you win this month’s buck-scoring contest!

As usual, we will post four field photos of hunter-killed bucks. You estimate the gross B&C score for each. When we post the final buck, you add its score to the others and submit your final guess for a combined total. (Remember, fractionals count, and B&C goes to the nearest 1/8 inch). The guess that comes closest to the actual combined score wins the bow. In the event of a tie, we’ll post a fifth buck to decide things.

However, we are going to pick up this pace with this contest (and all upcoming contests). Instead of posting one photo a week, we’re going to do at least two, so you’ll need to pay close attention.

Okay, here your first buck. What’s its gross B&C score?