Not just any bow, but one so brand-spanking new it’s just hitting dealer racks now. Elite’s 2015 flagship, the Synergy is 33-1/2 inches axle-to-axle and sports a generous 7-3/8-inch brace height. Rated at 325 fps IBO, it’s plenty fast, yet still has the smooth draw, solid back wall, and vibration-free shot that we’ve come to expect from Elite ( I recently shot this bow and can say with all confidence: You want to win this thing.

By now you know how this works: Once a week for the next four weeks, we’ll post a field photo of a hunter-killed buck. You estimate each buck’s gross B&C score. When we post the final buck, you add its score to the others and submit your final guess for a combined total. (Remember, fractionals count, and B&C goes to the nearest 1/8 inch). The guess that comes closest to the actual combined score wins the bow. In the event of a tie, we’ll post a fifth buck to decide things.

If you’re an employee of F&S or Elite, or for some reason you know the hunters (all Elite pro-staffers) in the photos, kindly disqualify yourself from the contest. Or we’ll have to publicly shame you, right before we egg your house.

So here’s your first buck. (Yes, it’s a tricky angle, but that’s part of the game.) What’s its gross B&C score?