Still looking to start that whitetail library? As you may remember from last week, here’s your chance. All you have to do is guess the gross scores of four racks I trained on when I took the class to become a Boone & Crockett Official Measurer. If your guess is the closest, you win five awesome whitetail books; two from Field & Stream, and a trio from B&C.

So here is the second rack in our contest. (If you missed the first rack, click here.) Just like the first, this one is the rack alone—no buck attached. It makes for a tougher challenge, for sure. But we figure you can handle it.

To recap: I will post a picture of a B&C “training rack” once a week here for four weeks. You guess the gross antler score of each buck (fractionals count, and please estimate to the nearest 1/8”) and keep track of your totals. When I post the photo of Rack Number Four, I’ll ask you to add up your grand total and submit it. If your guess is closest to the actual total score of the four bucks, you win the books.

So, what’s the gross score of this rack?