Reading about deer hunting is the next best thing to being in the field, and with plenty of the summer reading season ahead, you’ll have plenty of time to delve into the five great books above. All you have to do is win this contest.

So, here is the third buck. (Click here if missed the first or second.) To recap: I will post a picture of a B&C Official Measurer training rack once a week here for four weeks. You guess the gross antler score of each rack (fractionals count, and please round to the nearest 1/8″) and keep track of your totals. When I post the photo of Buck Number Four, I’ll ask you to add up your grand total and submit it. If your guess is closest to the actual total score of the four bucks, you win the books.

So, here’s Rack Number Three, a wide, white-racked whitetail with enough kickers and stickers to make things interesting. What’s his gross score?