Time for someone to clear some space on their bookshelf, because five awesome deer-hunting books are about to find a home there. Is your hunting library about to expand? Let’s find out.

But first, let me say that you guys are awfully good. Typically, whether we’re aware of it or not, we use features of a deer’s head to estimate its gross score. Knowing the approximate length and width of the ears, nose, and even eyes can go a long way toward making a great guess (we’ve had contests where the winner nailed the exact B&C measurement to the eighth). You didn’t have those advantages in this contest and yet five people came within 2 inches of the actual gross score of four whitetail racks lying in the grass. Pretty impressive.

And so, speaking of the actual scores, here they are:

Buck #1: 190-3/8

Buck #2: 129-5/8

Buck #3: 179

Buck #4: 126-4/8

Which gives us a grand total of 625-4/8 inches and means that box full of deer hunting books will land on the doorstep of Flgatorhunter, whose answer of 626-4/8 missed by a mere inch! That’s some crazy-close estimating for four sets of antlers surrounded by nothing but Kentucky bluegrass. Congrats to our winner (we’ll be contacting you soon, Flgatorhunter), kudos to the folks who were oh-so-close, and thanks to everyone for participating. We’ll be back with another contest soon.