Today, November 8th, is Field & Stream’s “2010 Best Day of the Year,” as chosen by Whitetails columnist Scott Bestul and detailed in our November issue’s “Sixth Annual Best Days of the Rut” (you can also read why he thinks this is the best day for deer hunting on our special Rut Reporters whitetail deer rut tracking page). According to Bestul, November 8th was a day you needed to take off from work and spend in the woods deer hunting. So did you?

“Yes” you say? And you bagged a good buck? Well then, let’s see what you got. Head over to the whitetail deer photos section of our “Trophy Room” and upload a photo of your buck. (Please make sure you fill in the date field, and better yet, add “Nov 8 Buck” at the beginning of the title of your photo). Your trophy may be featured in an upcoming edition of the magazine’s “Game Faces” section.

While you’re at it, tell us how our Best Day was for you in the comment section below–whether you got a buck or not. –Hurteau