Thanks to all who posted fish cleaning and cooking tips during last week’s FoodSaver giveaway. We received more than a hundred great ideas and recipes (some a little stranger than others) but all very much appreciated.

Many of you posted marinades and spice mixes that sound truly delicious, but none as unusual as Joe McCarthy’s king mackerel recipe calling for strawberry daiquiri mix. Joe says the steaks turn out unreal, but I’m going to have to take his word for that–mostly because there aren’t many king mackerel to be found here in Nebraska.

Among the more innovative methods of cooking, and there were several, was wareturkey’s suggestion of wrapping trout in tall grass and throwing the package directly on the fire. Done right, I think this is a great idea, just make sure whatever green stuff your picking isn’t poisonous.

Tmurray reminded readers that any fish cooking tip is useless until you actually catch a fish and admonished us not to cover up the taste of the fish, which I happen to agree with. I also agree with college student TJ who wrote “a fishing license is cheaper than buying food. Fishing also keeps you out of the bars.” I don’t know about the latter, but the former reminds me of one winter in college when I lived on fresh crappie caught through the ice at Wagon Train Lake just outside of Lincoln, Neb.

But the overall best tip, and winner of the FoodSaver GameSaver vacuum sealer, is njschneider with his Redneck Salmon recipe that gets cooked in the dishwasher. I tried this out at dinner party last Friday night and got rave reviews. One thing I would recommend: use heavy-duty foil or double wrap. Trust me on this.

Congratulations njschneider. Please e-mail us your address at and we’ll get your prize sent so you can start sealing up some fresh fish.

Thanks again to everyone who posted a tip or recipe. I learned a lot and plan on trying out many of them in the near future, provided the fickle fish-gods see fit.

As for this week’s FoodSaver contest, we’ll have it up shortly.