I expected Wild Chef reader Steve Peifer to run away with last week’s Food Fight thanks to a delicious looking Outer Banks seafood boil. While Steve did eek out a victory, it was closer than I thought it would be, which goes to show Wild Chef readers really love their red meat. For winning, we’re going to hook Steve up with a cool Cabela’s 50th Anniversary Barbecue Tool Set.

Walleye Ceviche with Pico De Gallo



Halibut Fish Taco**


Cabela’s also factors into this week’s Food Fight, or a Cabela’s employee does anyway. My old friend Chuck Smock, who works as a Communications Specialist at the World’s Foremost Outfitter has been on a ceviche kick lately, despite the fact he lives about 1500 miles from the closest salt water (other than the Great Salt Lake). That hasn’t stopped him from perfecting a recipe however, and he sent along this picture of some Nebraska-caught walleye “cooked” in lime and lemon juice and served with his homemade pico de gallo and a side of sweet potato chips.

I’m going to counter with my take on a classic fish taco, despite the fact that I’m also a long way from any coast. I lightly fried some halibut chunks and wrapped them in flour tortillas with cabbage, some Monterey Jack and a special white sauce of yogurt, lime juice and jalapenos. A shot of Cuervo Gold served as a fine chaser to the tasty taco.

So pick your favorite fish dish – spicy, fresh ceviche or a cool, creamy fish taco. And don’t forget, your best food photo could be featured here. Just send in your submission to