The past few weeks, we’ve had some pretty lopsided Food Fights. Not quite Mike Tyson circa 1988, but not far from it. Not that I’m calling Michael Shea’s lasagna last week a paper champion–it looked amazing and I love my pasta, but it probably wasn’t fair to put him in the ring against Colin’s fried buffet.

This Friday, I think we’re back on the title track with two amazing looking photos from a couple of Wild Chef readers. I predict a pitched battle with no clear favorite going in. When someone spends the time and effort to smoke a deer ham, they deserve a title shot. But, I have a soft spot for a well-crafted bourguignon, especially one that includes elk meat. So, let’s get this fight underway.

Steve Peifer’s Smoked Venison Ham


Steve brined a whole venison ham for almost a week, then smoked it for more than 12 hours over charcoal, mesquite, and whisky barrel oak, basting it regularly with a homemade mopping sauce.
Chris Johnson’s Elk Bourguignon**


Slowly braised elk in wine and beef stock makes for a wonderful winter dinner. Chris served it with Dutch oven French loaf and herbed butter.