I’m all about the hunting and gathering lifestyle, but there’s just one thing I’m not sure I could (literally) stomach: eating insects. Apparently, our Dutch friends don’t have the same qualms about bugs that I do–at least if you consider the recent story out of Amsterdam about the new Insect Cookbook.

Need more protein in your diet? Try adding worms to your chocolate muffin recipe mix, or spice up a mushroom risotto with a sprinkling of grasshoppers.

“The Insect Cookbook,” which comes out on Tuesday and is written in Dutch, contains these and other unusual recipes and is intended to promote insects as a source of protein.

“I see this as the next step towards the introduction of insects on restaurant menus in the Netherlands. I also expect people to buy the book and start cooking with insects at home,” said Marcel Dicke, a professor at Wageningen University which specializes in food and food production.

I consider myself a fairly adventurous eater. Tripe, sweetbreads, even testicles… I’ve tried them and other forms of offal, but eating insects is where I have to draw the line. As a kid, I threw up all over my Schwinn when a friend picked up a nightcrawler and put it on his tongue. He didn’t even swallow it, but I still got sick. So I just don’t think I could choke down a bug, except maybe in a survival situation, like Keith McCafferty, Field & Stream’s talented (and adventurous) survival expert, describes here.

Have any of you tried bugs? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience. Is the new Dutch insect cookbook for you?