Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen the smiling face of celebrity chef and hunter Georgia Pelligrini. Since about the first of the year, she’s been popping up all over, promoting the new book Girl Hunter, which recounts her journey from Wall Street into the woods. Pelligrini has shown up on local and national news programs, Iron Chef and even Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she deftly showed the affable host and his sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez how to whip up some wild boar meatballs (and, for Rodriguez, how to not contract trichinosis in the process).

In the battle against the anti-hunters, it’s a coup to have someone like Pelligrini squarely in our camp–someone who’s a softer sell than the other national face of hunting…Ted Nugent. Where the Nuge is loud and brash, Pelligrini is polished and, dare I say, pretty. Admittedly, Nuge has the passion and the knowledge, but in some peoples’ eyes, he does more harm than good. It would be hard to say that about the Girl Hunter, whose looks might get her in the door, but once in she follows up with smart stories about why anyone who eats meat should consider hunting.

In truth, hunting and outdoor sports take all kinds, which is why Uncle Ted will always have a place at the table. Though, while Nugent looks to be a heck of a cook in his own right, I say it’s time to make room for another chef in the kitchen.