Sometimes my assignments take me to some tough places. This week, I’m currently in South Africa doing some taste-testing on the various species of spiral-horned antelope that inhabit the Eastern Cape. I’ll report the results of my culinary sampling in the coming weeks, but until then Food Fight Friday is in the more than capable hands of frequent contributors Levi Banks and Andrew Metzger.
Levi Banks’s Venison Philly**


This is a whole-wheat homemade loaf. (I started baking before I started hunting.) I rubbed and then smoked a chunk of backstrap over indirect heat. I sauteed some thick sliced red onions for a few minutes to soften them up. Then I sliced the meat and put it on the bread topped with onions and mozzarella cheese, drizzled the bread with olive oil and garlic powder, and put it under the broiler to toast the bread and melt the cheese. It’s served with sesame green beans and the red is some bell pepper that didn’t make it onto the sandwich with the onions.

Andrew Metzger’s (aka Koldkut) Thai Green Curry Pronghorn


Coming off back surgery, I wanted something with a little pizzazz, so I thawed some pronghorn and made this delicious green curry and rice. Curry, as it would seem, is easier than I would have ever thought.