We have two great reader-submitted photos today, so I’m just going to get out of the way and let Upland and Hoosierdude duke it out. Let’s get it on!

Upland’s Hungarian Partridge Breast Salad

I have been wanting to enter a Food Fight Friday for awhile now but have had a rough year of hunting, so I haven’t had many opportunities. Depsite a warm fall, the dog and I finally got out for a morning bird hunt. Here is my submission: grilled Hungarian partridge breast salad.


I liberally apply a mild rub–with a smoked paprika base–to the deboned breasts about an hour before grilling and allow the breasts to come to room temp. I get the grill smoking hot, lightly spray the breasts with oil and cook for two minutes max per side, so they are just cooked through. I served it this time with mangoes, feta, grapes, and toasted almond slivers on romaine to create a nice Mediterranean salad that was a delicious way to enjoy a fine gamebird on a warm fall afternoon. For dressing, any mild citrus vinaigrette works well.

Hoosierdude’s Catfish Cakes


If I’m not in a treestand in October, I’m stocking my freezer with channel cat fillets. Fall is a hell of a time to catch cats. The bite is often fast and furious, and a stringer of fat fiddlers is a fine way to salute the end of the fishing season. These are crab cakes…Midwest style. Bake the fillets and flake them once they cool. In a large mixing bowl, add equal parts crushed Ritz crackers, a squirt or two of mayo and mustard, plus copious amounts of Old Bay seasoning and black pepper. Throw in some finely chopped green pepper, onion, and an egg to hold it all together. The ratios aren’t terribly important; just don’t overdo it on the veggies or the condiments lest your cakes will break apart. Form the mixture and fry in oil over medium heat until golden brown. Greens and mashed potatoes are perfect accompaniments. My wife and my son are not particularly fond of catfish, but they’ll devour these and ask for seconds.

To Upland and Hoosierdude, I say thanks for two awesome Food Fight submissions. Me (and my doctor) thank you for including something other than red meat.

To the rest of you readers, if you think you can compete with the likes of these two, get in the ring. Just send your best photo to