It’s blowing snow here in western Nebraska, and most of the rest of country is also suffering from an extended stint of cold weather. Perfect for a little comfort food in the form of two reader photos. This week, it’s Shawn McCardell’s hearty venison stew against a new comer to the Food Fight–Ben Bainbridge–and his amazing looking venison roast. He may face a tough challenge thanks to McCardell’s use of Guinness, but I think the smoked roast might just able to hold its own. What do you think?

Shawn McCardell’s Guinness Venison Stew


So, I had a sudden urge to make some hearty venison stew. Remembering back to my last trip to Washington, D.C. and a certain Irish establishment I decided to make some Guinness Venison Stew. It turned out so well my children didn’t even realize it was venison. Not that I have to convince them to eat it anymore, but they couldn’t tell one bit of difference.

Ben Bainbridge’s Venison Roast


Here is a grilled mule deer venison roast with a green salad and English roasted potatoes. We shared the roast with our friends and neighbors (one of them is British, hence the English roasted potatoes). I also added some mesquite chips to give the roast a little smokiness. You can see the smoke ring on the edge of the meat.

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