My friends at Cabela’s were kind enough to hook me up with some goodies from their prize vault, so I decided to start a new contest called “What The Heck Is This?” From time to time, I’ll post a picture of a kitchen-, cooking- or otherwise food-and-drink related utensil and see if Wild Chef readers can guess what it is.

I came across this week’s contest entry on a recent overseas hunting trip. Each night, after our shoot, I would find myself behind the lodge bar, mixing drinks and manning this cool, little table-top tool for the rest of the hunters. I tried to buy it off the lodge owners, but they wouldn’t part with it, though they were kind enough to ring up the maker to see about getting one for me to bring home. Unfortunately, he wasn’t available so I snapped this crappy cell-phone picture as a guide to building my own.

I’m betting a few Wild Chef readers will recognize what it is right away, so I’m not going to tell you where I was or what I was hunting just yet. In fact, I’m not going give any hints other than the fact I about lost a finger to the tool’s sharp blade. Can you guess what the heck it is?

You have until Friday, June 7 at 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time to register your guess in the comment section below. At that time, I’ll put all the correct answers in a pool and draw one at random. The winner gets this killer Cabela’s Fire Box, along with a set of Outfitter Barbecue Tools and Open Season Gourmet spices.

Good luck! I’m interested to see how astute Wild Chef readers really are.