I hope you’ve got a couple spare inches on your bookshelf, because this month our brand-new cookbook, “The Wild Chef,” hits stores. Written by the magazine’s food columnist, Jonathan Miles, the book includes more than 100 killer recipes for fish and wild game. You’ll also find essays, butchering and filleting manuals, drink pairing tips, and cooking skills from F&S contributors like David Draper, Dave Hurteau, T. Edward Nickens, and others. And, yes, there’s even dessert.

You can order your copy of the book here, but since this is the Wild Chef blog, I wanted to give you, our loyal readers, a chance to win a free copy. Here’s how:

I’ve read that a common question chefs ask one another after shifts and over beers is, “You have one last day to live: What would your last meal be?” Then they describe, course by course, their ideal and ultimate meal. Now, for the sake of this contest, I’d like to ask you the same question…but with a Field & Stream twist:

What would your last wild meal be?

In the comments section below, describe your perfect farewell meal. But first, a couple of rules:

1) It needs to be three courses: starter, entree, and dessert.
2) The starter and entree must feature either fish and/or wild game.

Beyond that, the meal may be whatever you want–any ingredient and any cut or fillet cooked any way you want alongside any beer, wine, or whatever of your choice. And don’t forget to share important details, such as where you’d eat and the people you’d want to join you. After all, a good meal isn’t just about the food.

Draper and I will choose three winners who will each receive a copy of “The Wild Chef.” Deadline for entries is Thursday, Aug. 8 (5 p.m. EST). Best of luck.