Name: Gordon Thompson

Gordon is a Fire Investigator and K-9 handler who lives in Ohio. He’s a hard worker and avid outdoorsman who loves to bow hunt, fish, and shoot. After reading his entry form we thought he deserved a little time off and sent him to Montana to fish and hunt grouse at Forrester’s Bighorn River Resort (forrestersbighorn.com).

Gordon’s Winning Essay:

I’m a fire investigator and K-9 handler of an ATF Accelerant Detection K-9. We’re 1 of only 56 teams in the U.S. trained and certified by the ATF. I spend my workdays digging through fire scenes and also working 24-hour shifts as a Lieutenant of an engine company. The dog is a food reward dog and only eats when he’s working or training. I work with my K-9 365 days a year. I usually farm 10 acres mostly food plots and I love bow hunting, fishing, shooting and the outdoors in general. I drive a Ram truck now (1 of many I’ve owned). It’s never let me down in the field and more importantly; it’s never let me down when I’m driving my family. Family is #1 work is #2 and the outdoors is #3. I haven’t had the time I used to for hunting and fishing due to my work schedule, but I make time when I can.

Live Hard

Work Hard

Play Hard