I received an email a couple of days ago from our friend Dan Fink. He’s the nut with bullet flies and scorpion streamers. See his story that ran on Dan this past summer here. Dan’s got some crazy notions and I thought I should share his latest contraption with all of you. He is a true fish nerd (his own words) and is planning a 4 week lake fishing trip in Canada when the ice comes off in the spring. Notice the sonar bolted onto his pontoon… He now tells me that he’s found a small enough downrigger to bolt onto the back for creatures of the deep. Not content with his current sonar he plans on upgrading. In his own words, ” to get a Lowrance with networking so I can add data collection, watch how the downrigger behaves on screen, and do some lake bottom contour mapping.”

Okay, this is pretty intense even for hardest of hard core. A one man pontoon rigged with multiple rods, networked sonar, and a downrigger – wow!

What’s the wackiest, dorked out thing you’ve ever done in the name of fishing? Come on, don’t hold back – you know you’ve done it. Let us know.