I got to the office today, and a co-worker had sent an email offering free golden retriever pups, with a picture of an impossible-to-resist litter of warm, fuzzy furballs. There’s no way I could take another animal at the moment living in an apartment, but offers like that always make me seriously consider it just for a second before I have to talk some sense into myself. Buddy
Later in the day, I saw this Arizona Republic story about a Lab who ate a pair of Super Bowl tickets totaling $1,900 in value. That helped get me off my new puppy kick as well. Apparently as punishment, the Lab, a 3-year-old named Buddy (at right with the incriminating evidence), isn’t allowed to watch the game.
I’ve been wanting to write a dog-blog for a little while, and kept looking for a good news story to give me an excuse to do so. But considering that we’re passed the time of year when a great dog-saves-duck-hunter-from-drowning headline is likely to pop up, I figure this ticket mishap will have to do.
So now’s the time for your best and worst dog stories — from great hunts to utter training disasters. Remembrances of past companions are also welcome (the first story I ever edited for Field & Stream was a one-page piece about the death of a bird hunter’s favorite retriever – it’s amazing how upset you can get over stories like that when it’s not even your dog!). -K.H.