I spent the weekend trying to make naked women images with my hands and fly rod reflecting in my sunglasses … The closest I got looked like Bobcat Goldthwait in a pink leotard.

This post was going to be “10 people I’d most like to see in waders,” but I could only think of two: Shaquille O’Neal and Giselle Bundchen. Shaq, because I want to see a wader company cut the Gore-Tex to fit a seven-foot-tall person with size 22 feet. Giselle, just because. Who else should be on the list?

I got seven new fishing catalogs in the mail this weekend, and threw them all away (recycled). Speaking of Giselle Bundchen, when is the Victoria’s Secret wader catalog coming? That one I’ll keep.

ALL of those golfers on the “Masters Week” post are avid anglers, by the way. Scott G. absolutely nailed it with his answer.

I watched some of the Masters … enough to see (via commercial) MANY times that Phil Mickelson and his wife are partnering with Exxon to make math and science teachers better. Great. My favorite teacher, Miss White, might not have had this program, but she taught me long division well enough to know $3.50-plus for a gallon of gas is going to cut into my fishing this summer.

Speaking of gas, I noticed that the per-gallon price is still less than a buck in Venezuela. Made me feel better about advocating against visiting/fishing a country run by the leftist, America-hating psychopath, Hugo Chavez, because at least all the American-educated guides there who feel the pinch can still fill their skiff for less than $10.

I taught my 7-year-old son the “Pete and Repeat are sitting on a fence, Pete fell off, who was left?” joke today … in hindsight, having answered “Repeat” 3,235 times already, it wasn’t a good call.

Lastly, Pat Dorsey says the difference between a good angler and a great one is often a “BB.” Lefty Kreh says a great flyfishing guide will share knowledge, not just demonstrate it. Latch onto both of those nuggets, and you’ll have a better summer on the water.