I apologize for going off topic again, but this is serious. I was just sitting down to start a blog post when I checked my email, and found a chain letter from a close friend. I now have 3 hours to forward the message to 10 people or someone I love could die in a freak accident.
So here I sit, with 180 minutes on the clock, facing a terrible choice. Do I — a person who’s alreadyChain debilitatingly superstitious — give into the e-paranoia, drop what I’m doing and send the email to 10 other addresses? Bear in mind that forwarding the message could save lives. Or, do I tell myself these emails are mere spam that prey on the insecurities of the recipient and should be deleted on sight? Not forwarding the message could spare 10 unsuspecting people from having to face this dilemma themselves. I still can’t decide. And I’m down to 170 minutes.
Do you delete chain mails the minute you get them, or obediently send them along? Say you’re late for an appointment when one of these emails pops up saying you have one hour to forward it to 15 people. Doing so would ensure a beautiful 16-point that fall. Not doing so would mean a meatless season. Would you sent it just in case? Or would you take a stand against e-superstition, declare “This chain stops with me,” and boldly hit delete? It’s a moral test of the highest order, and I, for one, am still struggling through it.
And I have 160 minutes to go. – K.H.