deer falls 40 feet
The roof of the municipal garage, through which the deer fell via a bridge. Screenshot via WPXI

In western Pennsylvania, there’s a roof sporting a buck-size hole in it after a Friday-night ruckus.

A deer jumped from a turnpike bridge in Homewood, fell 40 feet, crashed through the roof’s 8 inches of plywood, and landed in a municipal garage.

The Beaver County Times reports that council president Alan DeSanzo discovered the damage, and the deer, on Saturday morning. “I noticed insulation hanging down from the roof and I wondered, ‘My God, how did it jump that high?'” DeSanzo told the paper. “Then I saw light shining through the roof and it hit me. This thing had jumped off the bridge.”

Even crazier than the flying leap, the six-pointer survived. Upon discovering the deer, DeSanzo quickly left the garage, and the buck, sporting only a few spots of blood, found its way out and fled to safety.