Alex Edwards took a leave from his duties at his Air Force base in Arizona to return to his southeastern Minnesota home for his annual family deer hunt. The trip rewarded Alex with more than just some R&R, as the pics below prove.


“I was on stand for the morning of November 9, then got cold feet and decided to return to camp and warm up,” Alex told me. “As I walked back my dad, who was still on his stand, noticed that I kicked a couple deer up. He watched where they went, then came to camp and got me and my uncle. They decided to drive that hillside toward me and push the deer. Dad told me to watch a trail high on the hill and just inside the woods. But I went downhill a little further, to where it was thick. As soon as I got there, I wondered ‘How am I ever gonna shoot anything here?’”


Fortunately, Alex didn’t have time to adjust his position. Suddenly he could hear deer running toward him, and then spotted a buck—make that, “the buck”—bearing down on him. Alex dropped the monster with his first shot, then made a quick follow-up. This giant whitetail was something of a legend among area hunters. “He ran a big area,” Alex says. “Lots of people knew about him. I was just so lucky to be the one who got to finally tag him.” The buck gross-scored 224” and sported 18 points. Congrats, Alex!