Well asking for help solved the mystery of a great Kansas buck last week, so I’m back with my hands out once again. I know nothing about this deer other than it is one gorgeous whitetail. The only email heading I could track down was titled “LaPryor deer.” Is LaPryor the hunter’s name? A town or region? The name of a ranch?
I’ll take a stab at this being a Texas buck, mainly because the body and neck on this buck aren’t particularly huge and Northern-looking. Also, the cape and hair are sleek and short, which means the buck was shot either a) early in the season or b) in a region where whitetails don’t need thick hair for fall/winter survival. So if anyone can get me more specific than this, I’d be grateful

Regardless of the buck’s origin, he is a monster; great beam length, tremendous tines (especially those G-2’s…WOW!), and very nice mass. Perhaps whoever steps forward with the buck’s (and hunter’s) identity could also provide a score?