Jay Cassell brought us a very compelling slide show of his trip to Saskatchewan last month. Jay’s story is one of those that put “Canada Trip” on the agenda of every whitetail nut. And, of course, photos like the two that follow keep the fire burning hot.
The first photo is of a buck shot by Scott Yetman a guide for Diamond Willow Outfitters in Alberta. The story is that Scott was enjoying a day behind the gun when this monster buck appeared. Though it has not been officially scored, early reports is the buck is in the 190-range.

And here is another Alberta buck, this one shot by Helgie Eymundson. The freakish non-typical is rumored to be in the 280″ B&C; (non-typical) range, and the official score is supposed to come out by the end of this month. We will report the net score as soon as we hear it!