We don’t get a lot of reader mail here at Buck Tracker, but this note came in this week from a gentleman in Pennsylvania. He writes:

Me and my neighbors are puzzled by a female deer who is always alone she is not afraid if one gets near her to throw some bread, apples ect. But she is always alone no deer friends, family, just always alone. We think she was kicked out of a tribe or maybe has a disease all though she looks perfectly healthy. Thank you for your time me and nieghbors would greatly appreciate any info you may have.

Without more information I am kind of reading between the lines, but I’ll take a guess that the doe in question is getting her share of handouts in the form of “bread, apples, and ect” (whatever ect is..perhaps a new energy drink?).

Well, funny things happen when people feed deer. Some whitetails will take a tidbit and remain nervous about it for life. Unfortunately others quickly get used to the program and start pondering such deep thoughts as “why eat tree buds?” Or “welfare is so much nicer than foraging!” And—in the case of this creature, I’m guessing—inanities like “am I truly a deer? Or perhaps something cooler…a Holstein cow? A golden retriever?”

Don’t get me wrong; I have fed deer in the winter and enjoyed watching their antics. It also gave me a warm, happy feeling inside. But I have the advantage of hosting a hard-hunted (and therefore highly nervous) herd of about 10 whitetails that—no matter how good the eats—are still scared to death of me. Plus, once the snow leaves, I derail the gravy train and let my friends fend for themselves. I suggest you do the same. In my opinion, your doe has not been ousted by her “tribe” and if she is vertical and taking nourishment she is probably not diseased. Of course, I’m wide open to further diagnosis from my Buck Tracker tribe…

Your thoughts?