Some scouting jaunts produce better than others. Today instead of hunting I spent two hours walking a pair of public tracts near my home. I found enough buck sign to keep me interested….But mostly I picked up garbage. Total production for the afternoon (besides the obvious exercise benefit for me and my aging retriever) was five scrapes and ten rubs. I also hauled out two plastic bottles (one spring water, one scent-reducing spray) and three cans (one diet and one regular Pepsi, plus a Classic Coke) for my recycling bins. Some things never change about public land, I guess. I’ve been pickin’ the trash on these places since the 1970’s.

So I came home slightly tired and definitely wet (it was drizzling and I love to scout on rainy days). And more than a little bummed about the lack of buck sign and the refuse. It’s easy to ignore sloppy hunters when the hunting looks good. Other times? Well, not so much.

Then I sat down at the computer and found this email from a buddy. The subject line read “big cat takes down whitetail buck,” and it had me completely suckered. Ready for a You Tube mountain lion video, this one hit me just right…and I’ve been smiling ever since. Sometimes all a guy needs is a good joke from a friend to get rejuvenated.