It is the last day of February in a long, hard winter here in the Midwest. Spring is supposedly coming soon. Still, the need for entertaining story-telling is critical for us light-deprived northern folk. So what better a tale to brighten the day than this one, which involves a kid, a giant buck, and a concrete statue.

Deer1 According to legend, the kid is returning from a morning bowhunt on his grandfather’s farm. He spots a monster buck, sparring with a deer statue in the yard. He shoots at the preoccupied buck, hitting it in the leg. The buck runs off, stops, and reconsiders his pain. Perhaps the statue got him, and not something else? The buck lowers his head, makes a full run at his rock-hard rival, and slams into it. The buck is cold-cocked by the statue, which falls over on him. Boy reloads bow and finishes off buck…which has a gross antler score over 200 inches.

If you want to spoil my day, please respond and tell me the verifiable origins of these photos. If all you have is hearsay or cheap criticism, keep a lid on it. This is a hunting tale as good as it gets…in a winter as long as they come!