Well, November is here, my friends. And to borrow the beat-to-death phraseology of our whitetail video heroes…”it doesn’t GET any better than this!” Had a wonderful morning yesterday, and I didn’t even hunt. After getting two friends into their stands, I headed home to get some work done. Fifty yards off the road I spotted a doe feeding in some alfalfa. When I stopped to look at her, I saw her boyfriend; a 140-class 8-point with a massive body. They stared at me awhile, then decided they didn’t need inspecting any longer and ran off.

I smiled, drove 30 feet, then noticed another doe crossing the road in front of me. Behind her was a 12-point buck I’m confident would make the B&C; book. As I glassed him, I noticed the doe stop, hunch up, and wait for the buck. And, unbelievably, he sniffed her tail, then mounted her as I observed the show through 10X40’s. Only in November!!!

The great buck pics just keep coming in, and I encourage you to send yours. The photo below is awesome, and it’s not just the size of this buck’s antlers. Check out the buck’s right eye, and you’ll see a smaller antler dangling from the corner of it. Assuming the photo is legit, it’s proof of the ferocity of some buck fights. The tip of the smaller buck’s main beam apparently penetrated enough bone to become lodged in the big buck’s skull, then snapped off at the base as the two animals struggled to free themselves. Two monster headaches that day, no doubt!


Photo Number Two comes to us from Peoria County, Illinois, and should inspire those of us who have whiffed shots on nice bucks. The buzz on this story runs like this: The hunter in the photo missed a shot at this buck in 2003. The buck not only survived the season, but the hunter found his sheds in each of the next three years.

This fall, the hunter missed a shot at the buck on a morning hunt. To deal with his depression, he went out and bought himself a Harley motorcycle. That afternoon, he hunted a stand about 200 yards from where he’d muffed his morning shot…and guess who showed up? What an awesome buck, and if the story is true, it’s a great tale of redemption!