Bea Walmsley gets the Hunting Spouse of the Year Award from Buck Tracker. Bea and her husband Tim live in Illinois and hunt on a gorgeous farm that they own. Astute readers may remember Tim from two BuckTracker appearances this fall; “the Bucks of Illinois” spread we did, as well as an individual spot I did on Tim when he killed a monster buck back in November.

Well while Tim was chasing that buck, Bea was after a huge buck of her own. She actually had two encounters with the 12-point below this fall, and both times she came whisker-close to killing him with her bow. One shot was a clean miss, and a few weeks later she shaved hair off his back with a second arrow.


Well the buck disappeared until January 9th, when Bea spotted him again, running does in a food plot with plenty of antlered company. Bea was encouraged by the encounter, but realized the clock was ticking away on the season. She urged her husband Tim to join her in a last-dtich pursuit of “her” buck. Of course the photo above hints at what happened;

The buck raced by Bea at Mach 3, chasing a doe fawn that had come into heat. The action happened so quickly that she never had time to grab her bow. But Tim, hunting nearby, did. When the toad buck stopped the chase 20 yards from his stand, Tim made the shot count, and Bea’s deer switched owners.

Congrats to both Bea and Tim, and thanks for sharing this great story with us. Though Bea toughed out the rest of the Illinois season in some nasty, frigid weather, her tag went unfilled. My theory is she’s built up huge karma for next fall…so I’m reserving special space in BuckTracker for a picture of her trophy!