First off, thanks to all who responded to the last entry, where I wondered if TV/video personalities stood as your deer hunting heros/heroines. Judging from the small and highly unscientific Buck Tracker poll, the answer would clearly be “no.” While many of us watch hunting shows for entertainment—and they surely beat a lot of what’s offered by the mass media—most of us don’t confuse the men and women who star in them as legitimate deer hunting role models. Engaging personalities, perhaps, but not necessarily true deer experts..

I find that interesting, mainly because I know several hunting celebs, and some of them are indeed excellent hunters. Yes, many of them do get to hunt some amazing places, but I know a few of these true-blue whitetail nuts would kill good deer no matter where you placed them. Then, as some of you have (correctly) pointed out, other video hunters are just richly blessed to chase bucks in places the average guy can only dream about…and are probably no more skilled at hunting than any reasonably-dedicated deer nut.

All of which brings me to an interesting topic. If you’re among the folks who believe that many of the whitetail shows don’t reflect normal experience, should they be changed somehow? And if you’d like to see them change, how would you do so? Or, do you enjoy the status of outdoor TV/video and like to keep it just the way it is—as an entertainment venue—whether it reflects your hunting reality or not? I’m anxious to hear your thoughts.