A couple of weeks ago, I was giving seminars at the Minnesota Deer & Turkey Expo. At the close of business Sunday, another speaker there (a video celebrity who shall remain nameless), asked me for a ride to the airport. I was happy to provide this favor. On the way, we got to talking about last fall’s season and our success and/or lack thereof. Then, out of the proverbial blue, my friend asked me an odd question. “Who are the ten best deer hunters you know?” he said, leaning forward and looking at me intently.

Well I admit the question caught me off guard, mainly since I do not normally rate the whitetailers I know. So, as I do often in such situations, I banked my answer hard off the glass and forced my friend to grab the rebound. “Good question,” I said. “I’ll need to think on that. How ‘bout you? Who’s in your top 10?”

And then an interesting thing happened. Without hesitation, my compadre started ticking off names…and every one on the list was a video/tv celebrity like himself! I found this curious. And it became even more odd when I finally did start thinking about the really, truly great deer hunters I knew…because NONE of the folks on my list had ever been on TV! Still, I wondered if my rider’s opinion was a reflection of hunting society in general. What are your thoughts? Are the guys/gals on camera the people you turn to for whitetail wisdom? And if so, who are the ones you look up to the most?