You hear about deer like this from time to time. Monster whitetail that everyone knows about, but nobody can kill. Well the buck pictured here was such a deer…the evening of Friday, October 3rd, when Ben Spanjers put his tag on the giant.


This deer lived in a goofy little patch of timber not far from Hokah, Minnesota and avoided hunters for many seasons. Ben and friend Josh Swenson finally figured out this monster’s hideaway this summer. Like many old deer (the buck is 8-1/2 years old) he had a small core area. As proof, Ben and Josh had over 500 trail-cam pics of this buck from summer to early fall.

Any guesses as to what this monster would score? I put the question to a veteran B&C scorer and he has an estimate. Also, Josh rough-scored him after the harvest. If you care to take your own shot, post it and I’ll check in from time to time. Before I make my next post, I’ll tell you the numbers that I’ve been given. So score away!