Well, BuckTracker friends, I’m just back from an Illinois bowhunt, where I was re-taught that you can hunt some of the best whitetail ground in the country and still have your tail handed to you. I did see one “shooter” buck (a 3-year old 8-point) in five days of hunting—certainly nothing to cry about—but when I saw the sheds our host had in the lodge, I knew the farms we hunted weren’t showing us their best deer. Still, I had a wonderful time with a great camp full of friends and whitetail nuts. It sure beat working!

Though things weren’t happening in west-central Illinois, the southern tip of the state was extremely kind to at least one hunter. Check out this incredible typical buck below, taken near the town of Pinckneyville. No word on the hunter’s identity as yet, but the buzz on this deer is extremely hot. Apparently, the green typical score is 198”, but the early gossip hinted that the deer might eclipse Mel Johnson’s P&Y; world record of 204-4/8”. That buck, a goliath 13-point, was also an Illinois deer (Peoria Co.) and was shot in 1965. You’ll note that the hunter (or a friend) had the sheds from this year’s kill. Fantastic deer!