To prove that BuckTracker is not above shameless theft, I’m going to rip a page from the Petzal notebook. Last week, Dave asked his Gun Nut readers to nominate their choices for Best Western (as in movies, not motels). With that in mind, I’d like to hear your votes for the best cinematic depictions of the blood sports. Naturally, I’d like to focus this discussion on deer hunting, but given Hollywood’s reluctance to tackle hunting topics, I think it best we widen the field to include small game, other big game (including, but not limited to, Africa) and even fishing.

I’ll start the voting with one of my favorites: Jeremiah Johnson. Sure there’s gorgeous scenery, good-to-great acting, and a compelling story line. But perhaps the thing I’ve loved most is that the movie (mostly) refused to romanticize the necessity of killing stuff to survive. And, it did so in a largely-spot-on manner. Fish got caught, elk and deer were shot, beaver were trapped. Mountain men lived a harsh life; fighting elements, Indians and their own stupidity, at every step, and Redford’s movie never let us forget that.

So which movies give the most positive play to hunting? Which are the most accurate? And—wide open country here—which are so pathetic that you don’t know where to begin? Petzal limited his contestants to one entry, but if you want to share more, have at it. Some that come to mind (but from which I’ll withhold judgement on, at least temporarily) are The Deer Hunter, Out of Africa, Escanaba in da Moonlight….your thoughts?