The photo above was sent to me by Illinios whitetail nut Tim Walmsley. Tim is an official measurer for B&C; and P&Y.; This picture shows the skulls of three trophy-class whitetail bucks, all found on the same farm and all assumed to have died from EHD. Obviously, losing more than one healthy, mature animal to a disease is a devastating loss. I’d be very interested to hear from other hunters in areas experiencing EHD outbreaks.

Here in Minnesota we rarely deal with EHD. Since the midges die when the weather becomes cold, it’s assumed that northern states don’t experience the disease as often. However, when EHD does strike northern deer, biologists feel the outbreak is often even more severe than in more traditional areas. Hope it never hits us here!

The next three photos—also sent in from Tim Walmsley—prove that EHD hasn’t affected all Illinois deer! A couple of truly impressive animals, indeed. I was particularly encouraged by these photos since I am leaving for an Illinois bowhunt this weekend. I have never experienced deer hunting in this great state, though I’ve obviously heard about it for years. And these bucks will show why I’m looking forward to it! Note that the 2nd and 3rd pictures are of the same animal …