Last week I had the pleasure of hosting FS Special Projects editor Dave Hurteau on a bowhunt near my home. In addition to being a passionate deer hunter, Dave is also a good friend, so it was a hunt I looked forward to all fall. Anthony Licata, whom Dave and I both report to, was also planning to come, but squeaked out a couple weeks ago. Anthony used the arrival of Oliver, the first baby for he and his wife, as an excuse….So he clearly had his priorities in order.

So I was down to guiding one boss instead of two, but I still felt some pressure. Fortunately Dave made my life easy when he tagged this gorgeous 3-1/2 year old 10-point on his first morning!


OK, so one morning of deer hunting certainly doesn’t qualify as a marathon, but get this; Dave shot this buck only a few ticks away from 11 a.m.! The first two hours of daylight—what some consider the best hunting of the morning—were a veritable dead zone. Then, at 9:30, deer started to show. And some 90 minutes later, this dandy waltzed in, trailing a doe. Had Dave not been so patient, he’d have bailed from the stand long before the buck arrived. We’re both relieved he stayed in the saddle!