October is here, which means whitetail seasons—in some form—are open across much of the nation. Here in the Midwest, the bow hunt is at least two weeks old, and many states have hosted an early muzzleloader season, a youth hunt, or both. It’s an exciting time of year, as hunters take to the woods and tales and photos are shared.

I’ve thrown in some tips on taking good harvest photos, and I couldn’t resist including the one below as another example. Jason Sichler is a Minnesota bowhunter who shot this gorgeous buck on September 13, our opening weekend. Two things about this pic really caught my eye. First, the photographer got lower than the deer. This put the antlers against the skyline and really made them pop. Second, the “shooter” had Jason hold the rack at an angle that showed off the buck’s tremendous character—the forked brow tines and other stickers—that could have easily been lost.


Photos like these don’t happen by accident. But they’re not difficult to shoot. All it takes is a little extra time, a willing (but not expert) photographer, and a whitetail you’re proud of. Trust me, getting the buck is the hardest part!